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Gigantum Client 0.12.0 Released

Gigantum Client 0.12.0 is a major release that introduces support for RStudio! It also has many other minor fixes and improvements.

Creating an RStudio Project

When creating a new project, you'll observe the option to select a new R Tidyverse in RStudio(r) Sever base image.

This is a Base containing R 3.6 and Tidyverse from the official CRAN PPA configured for use in RStudio® Server. A conda-managed JupyterLab is also installed, and OpenBLAS is configured.

You should generally use Apt with r-cran-<package name> to quickly install "package name" from CRAN. You can also use Docker snippets for approaches like install.packages or devtools::install_github. Don't hesitate to post a question in our forum if you'd like some guidance!

Launching RStudio

You'll notice the Launch: rstudio button located in the top-right corner of your Project's page. As soon as the image is done downloading and building, launching RStudio will open it up in an adjacent browser tab.


  • added: Support for R Studio!
  • improved: Less-aggressive filename renaming for special characters in uploaded filenames.
  • improved: Many small UI improvements and fixes.
  • fixed: Low disk warning appears properly when less than 3GB of Docker space remain.
  • fixed: Inscrutable error message fixed to something clear when credentials have expired