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Gigantum Client 0.13.0

Gigantum Client 0.13.0 is a major release that introduces several important new capabilities and streamlines existing functionality.

Improved Package Management Capability

The package management system has been greatly improved, including a more intuitive interface, faster package validation, and the ability bulk add packages via a requirements.txt file. Additionally, the build output interface has been improved, making it easier to follow the build process if desired.

New Widget for Credentials and Sensitive Files

One issue we've heard many times is how Gigantum's approach to automatically tracking and versioning your work makes it really hard to work with tools that require credentials. Previously, it was too easy to accidentally commit your password or other sensitive information.

A new "Sensitive Files" interface has been added to the Project Environment tab to help solve this problem. With this new widget you can upload a file and indicate the desired directory to place the file.

The file is stored locally in your Gigantum working directory and at runtime is copied into your Project container. This prevents the file from getting committed or synced. It also helps indicate to collaborators what credentials they need to configure.

An example would be uploading an AWS credentials file to ~/.aws. This would then allow you to run commands using boto3 from your Project container. If you sync with a collaborator, they would have to upload their own credentials file.

Dataset Improvements

This release includes significant improvements to Datasets. The performance of the underlying hashing, upload, and download processes have been improved. Multipart upload support has been added, increasing maximum individual file size for Datasets to 15GB.

Additionally, a new interface has been developed to make Datasets much easier to use.

Linking a Dataset to a Project using the new Dataset interfaceLinking a Dataset to a Project using the new Dataset interface

Linking a Dataset to a Project using the new Dataset interface

An other important update that many users have asked for is ability to update a Dataset link directly from the Project's Input tab. You no longer need to unlink/relink a Dataset to get the latest version!


  • improved: Enhanced and streamlined look-and-feel.
  • improved: Much more simplified package installation process.
  • improved: Ability to change and update a project's base.
  • improved: Support for sensitive files (such as credentials or keys).
  • improved: Better support for multi-user Gigantum client (Load balancing of workers).
  • improved: Can now drag-and-drop a requirements.txt file to quickly create an environment.
  • improved: Many optimizations to Datasets.
  • improved: Dramatic enhancement to file browser.
  • fixed: GPU support on certain platforms and base-images.
  • fixed: Better support for publish/syncing on Projects with linked Datasets.
  • fixed: Removed option for "Untracked" Projects.