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Gigantum Client 0.13.2

11 months ago by Dean Kleissas

Gigantum Client 0.13.2 is a minor release that primarily contains bug fixes and UI improvements.

Additionally, Project and Dataset metadata is now cached once it is loaded. This means switching back and forth between Projects and listing Projects should be fast! In the future this cached data will be loaded quicker at start, so the application start up will feel faster as well.



  • Added new in-memory caching of Project and Dataset metadata to improve listing performance
  • Saving files in Rstudio now trigger activity capture automatically


  • Changed dataset file upload behavior to limit parallelization. In cases with many cores and poor internet, uploads now complete before reaching timeouts.
  • Calls to the git authentication service now includes identity tokens, in preparation for upcoming updates.
  • Improved robustness of querying for RQ worker status and worker bursting


  • Activity is now properly attributed to files by name in the Activity Feed
  • Fixed issues related to mixed-permissions on linked Datasets
  • Fixed issues related to updating and adding existing packages via the package manager interface
  • Fixed issues related to container status widget flickering or getting stuck in the wrong state
  • Fixed issue related to cleaning up mitm proxies
  • Fixed various file browser widget bugs
  • Fixed bug related to deleting Projects and Datasets on Windows
  • Fixes and improvements to the automated test driver
  • UI polish and CSS bug fixes