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Gigantum Client 1.0.0

Gigantum Client 1.0.0 is a major release and a required update for all users. The main component of this update is the addition of new features to work with Gigantum Hub, the new online experience available at gigantum.com. Until you update, you will not be able to sync with gigantum.com.



  • Added support for new Gigantum Hub API (#1100,#1066).
  • Added button to trigger a no-cache rebuild of a Docker image on the build modal, if a build fails. This is useful for forcing apt package repositories to update during the build process.


  • Improved login experience that uses gigantum.com (#1091).
  • Minor cleanup to make secret file directories owned by giguser (#1076)


  • Update pillow to 6.2.0 for CVE-2019-16865 (#1094)
  • Fixed issues related to deleting files in the untracked folder
  • Updated color palette, logo, UI polish and CSS bug fixes