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Gigantum Client 1.3.0

Gigantum Client 1.3.0 is now available. This release adds several enhancements and bug fixes, including adding more untracked folders and fixing multi-tenant support.

Input, code, and output sections now all contain "untracked" folders. These folders do not version or sync files and can be used to store things like external git repositories and large or sensitive data. Because a Project is essentially a git repository you can't just clone something from GitHub into it without causing an error. Now you can clone into code/untracked and the code will be available for use without any issues. Learn more in the Untracked Folders section.

Also, significant fixes have been added when running in multi-tenant mode. This lets a single Client instance support multiple users working at the same time. Previously users may have experienced issues syncing with Gigantum Hub while running in this mode.



  • Projects now have untracked directories in input, output, and code sections (#1272)
  • Changes to collaborator settings are now tracked in the Activity Feed (#1211)
  • Added new anonymous auth middleware for future Gigantum Hub features and running without a login without the ability to sync (#1265)


  • Updating Base image repository now only pulls one branch to reduce download size when updating (#1162)
  • Updated the large file upload warning modal to be more useful and consistent (#1253)
  • Improved Selenium test harness reliability (#1278)
  • Improved internal representation of auto-activity data and increased error handling during record creation (#1252)
  • File operations are now collapsed into single detail records to improve Activity Feed performance (#1264)


  • Fixed issues with multi-tenant git token storage, so now running multiple users when the Client is configured for multi-tenant mode is robust to different users syncing at the same time (#1096)
  • Fixed issue with activity capture when a progress bar was used in a Jupyter notebook (#1260)
  • Added pagination on collaborator listing for large number of collaborators (#1250)
  • Fixed activity feed paging and new activity notification (#1231)
  • Fixed bug related to not handling the latest Base revision field properly when a custom Base is used (#1274)
  • Fixed issues with downloading folders and files in folders in Datasets (#1282)
  • Various UI/UX fixes (#1232, #1281)