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Gigantum Client 1.3.1

Gigantum Client 1.3.1 is now available. This release adds minor enhancements and lots of bug fixes.

In addition to updating the Client, we've released updates to our Desktop app and CLI. While we always recommend staying up to date, if you are a Windows user these updates are extra important to maintain compatibility with the latest version of Docker. We're continuing to improve Windows support and soon will run Gigantum with Docker on WSL2!


Windows users should update Desktop or CLI apps

The latest version of Docker requires an update to our Desktop (>= 1.1.0) or CLI (>= 1.0) applications. Be sure to update if you have updated Docker to or greater!



  • With new bases, git will work on the Project from inside the container, including LFS and custom certs (#1324)
  • Explicit wait for RQ before proceeding in service.py launch (#1322)
  • Remote Datasets can now be deleted even if the Dataset does not exist locally (#1336)
  • Adds button to start the publish workflow in the collaborator modal. (#1343)
  • Error messages generated by git operations are no longer masked with an out-of-date recommendation (#1320)


  • Secrets are now owned by the Project user, and have restrictive permissions (suitable for SSH, etc.) (#1324)
  • Updating mitmproxy and PyYaml as recommended by Snyk (#1323)
  • Disables copy url and visibility change in the actions menu when a project has not been published, before these buttons were hidden from view. (#1342)
  • Fixes outdated text for branch deletion confirmation. (#1342)
  • Guide tooltips now disappear when clicking on another tooltip. (#1338)
  • Refetch of container status is now delayed by 30 seconds (#1338)
  • Silent login now prompts user to login and redirects to the hub to login via cookie or user input. (#1338)
  • Set fileMode to false when configuring Dataset submodule references when running on Windows hosts. (#1337)
  • Made git checkout / update reliable for base-images repo (#1314)


  • Removed pexpect from gtmcore. (#1316)