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Gigantum Client 1.3.2

Gigantum Client 1.3.2 is now available. This release adds minor enhancements and lots of bug fixes.

You can now run Gigantum Client via the CLI in WSL 2 on Windows. This is a great new way for Windows users to run Gigantum that will run faster and work on more versions of Windows! We'll continue to test the Client in WSL 2, with full support coming to the Gigantum Desktop app in the near future.


  • Ports for monitoring jupyter are now reliably available when running the Client in a Hub (#1356)
  • Disk free now correctly computed in GB, even when space exceeds 1TB (#1371)
  • Fixed an issue causing Filebrowser Multiselect feature not to behave as intended. (#1358)
  • Checking for the Jupyter API in the data science base at start now properly handles all errors during startup (#1355)
  • Route to the Jupyter API no longer contains an extra slash when launching Jupyter for the second time (#1355)
  • Fixed an issue that caused filenames to not render in the linked dataset file browser widget. (#1384)
  • Fixes file being initiated as a drag zone, should be defaulted to drop zone. (#1388)
  • Update method to set bind mount paths in Windows using gtm developer CLI (#1349)
  • Adds hash filter to route parameter when redirecting users to the Log In on gigantum.com (#1365)
  • Checks expire_at in local storage to make sure user has valid tokens before opening collaborator modal (#1365)


  • Removed check for Windows prior to doing git gc (now performed on all platforms) (#1381)


  • Changes to the workflow related to updating sensitive files, restrictions while project is in use, and minor styling tweaks (#1359)
  • Gigantum runs via command-line in WSL2, with improvements in filesystem performance (#1379)