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Gigantum Client 1.3.3

Gigantum Client 1.3.3 is now available. This release adds minor enhancements and lots of bug fixes.

One notable change is expanded browser support. You can now use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge (chromium-based only) with Gigantum Client.


  • Fixed a typo in the main fallback error component (Grey screen of death) (#1422)
  • Resolved an issue with notification tray rapidly opening and closing. (#1415)
  • Uploading an empty folder will no longer display the same warning multiple times (#1415)
  • Fixes loading cards temporarily not displaying when remote projects/datasets are loading. (#1462)
  • git add_all was raising an exception when trying to add an ignored directory (e.g. in untracked) (#1457)
  • There was an issue with change visibility firing during large publish and sync jobs. To resolve this the change visibility button should be disabled while project is 'busy'. (#1405)
  • Fixes file size warning not appearing when file size is exactly 500MB (#1458)
  • Fixed several minor styling issues for Safari that were captured during testing (#1424)
  • Modified git add operations to ignore gitignored files (#1408)
  • Files that are exactly 500MB in size will now receive a warning on file size limits while uploading (#1407)
  • Added loading state for fileBrowser while worker processes files (#1460)
  • Support popup blocker modal for newly supported browsers (#1460)
  • Remote Datasets will correctly show loading cards while paging (#1460)
  • Adjusted the min-size of text input elements. This solves overflow issues with some input fields on Firefox. (#1406)
  • Resolved a CSS issue that caused the fullscreen editor to break the UI in Safari and Edge (#1423)
  • Resolved an issue with checking for commits ahead or behind on branches that aren't checked out (#1420)


  • The color of the dropdown filter options in the select base modal match the color of the tags they add. (#1421)
  • Improved messaging when the browser's popup blocker prevents launching of the development tool (#1410)
  • Added ability for multiple anonymous accounts when using anon_review auth (#1449)
  • Updates browser detect to support safari, edge-chromium and opera (#1447)


  • Implement the baseline functionality for the new automated test framework (#1435)