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Gigantum Client 1.5.0

Gigantum Client 1.5.0 is now available. This is a significant release that adds new features and fixes. It is strongly recommended that all users update to this version. This release adds the ability to add "Custom Apps" to a Project, sync while running, and more.

Custom Apps

The new Custom Apps feature is used to run additional tools that are not provided by default (e.g. Jupyterlab, Jupyter, and RStudio) inside a Project's environment. Examples of Custom Apps could be a different browser based editor or a dashboard.

To add a Custom App to a Project, navigate to the "Environment" tab and expand the "Advanced Configuration" section. To learn more, read about Custom Apps in our documentation.

The new "Custom App" widget.The new "Custom App" widget.

The new "Custom App" widget.

We also created an example project that adds Tensorboard as a Custom App to monitor and inspect a simple model trained on the MNIST dataset. Check it out here: https://gigantum.com/gigantum-examples/tensorboard-example



  • All available authentication providers now supported in the Client (#1613)
  • Users with read-only permissions to a dataset will no longer be able to modify data files. (#1556)
  • Updated cryptography package for CVE-2020-25659 (#1595)
  • Adds more detailed output for git operations. (#1634)
  • Adds error state on sync and publish buttons. (#1634)
  • Adds error modal to view in more detail the errors associated with the failed operation. (#1634)
  • Opens notification tray when failure occurs on a background job. (#1634)


  • Adds the ability to configure a custom application that is then available in the Project launcher (#1625)
  • Allows the user to Sync while a Project is running. (#1624)
  • Adds uri decoding for more complex error messages. Messages can now be encoded in standard uri format and rendered correctly in the ui. (#1571)
  • Add support for updated NVIDIA driver format supporting CUDA >= 11 (#1595)
  • Adds seperate build paths for cloud client and local client. (#1562)
  • Adds multiple status pages to the publish modal. This provides the user with an easier way of viewing feedback on a publish jobs failure or success. (#1567)
  • Adds instructions for resolving installation issues with requirements packages. (#1572)
  • Adds horizontal bar graph to datset summary for file type distribution. (#1500)


  • Fixes collapsing records not allowing reload, and fixes issues with New Activity button. (#1600)
  • Improves load and reload speed of the activity records. (#1600)
  • Fixes setting the sticky state of the header when scrolled down. (#1600)
  • Fixes issues with detail records having a min-height value that offsets the activiy records code view. (#1600)
  • Fixes issue with configuring RStudio working directory at launch (#1606)
  • Standardizes markdown for the application and fixes markdown not displaying correctly in the activitiy notes. (#1596)
  • Fixes negative value appearing under to download in the dataset summary section. (#1597)