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Gigantum Client 1.5.2

Gigantum Client 1.5.2 is now available. It is strongly recommended that all users update to this version, especially if you had already updated to 1.5.1.

This minor bugfix release resolves some small, but practically critical bugs that were in 1.5.1. The most notable was an issue with importing Projects and Datasets via URL, which effectively broke public sharing.

In addition, Windows users who had updated to Gigantum Desktop to 1.3.0 will need to re-install from gigantum.com/download to resolve a signing issue with 1.3.0 that will prevent the auto-updater from succeeding. Simply download and run the installer from gigantum.com/download to update.


Reinstall if running Gigantum Desktop to 1.3.0 on Windows

Due to a signing issue in 1.3.0 on Windows only, you must manually download and run the installer from gigantum.com/download to update if you are running Gigantum Desktop 1.3.0 on Windows.



  • Fixes launch button on popup blocker not working in import screen. (#1740)
  • Fixes popup blocker modal appearing when popups are not blocked on import screen. (#1740)
  • Fixes typos and changes text added in backup feature. (#1741)
  • Fixes css issues on import modal, and fixes import link bug crashing the app. (#1751)
  • Removes header argument that was causing a CORS error. (#1752)
  • Fixes an issue causing the error modal to always appear when importing via share URL (#1755)