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Gigantum Client 1.5.3

Gigantum Client 1.5.3 is now available. This release fixes bugs and adds some improvements. In particular the ability to run the Client for multiple users has been improved by fixing an issue with RStudio, simplifying configuration, and adding automatic HTTP->HTTPS redirection if TLS certificates are configured. Check out the Multi-user Installation article for more details.



  • Expanded automated test framework (#1792, #1768, #1759, #1783, #1762, #1794, #1800, #1790, #1782, #1776, #1764)
  • The client version will now be visible in the sidebar of the application (#1801)
  • On token verification error, Auth well-known data is attempted to be refetched. (#1781)
  • Refactoring code to support the UI element changes. (#1774)


  • /api/servers route is now explicitly not cached if this request reaches the UI to fix an edge case at startup (#1787)
  • Fixed issue with RStudio proxy when running the Client as a service (#1785)
  • Resolved an issue allowing you to create repository during backup mode. Resolved an issue causing the backup modal not to appear during backup-caused error. The repository will now refetch after backup-mode is re-disabled in order to get collaborator info. (#1777)
  • Fixes issue when synching with a linked unpublished dataset, project is running modal would appear blocking tests. Also is an issue for the user as it is confusing behaviour (#1786)
  • Fixes progress typo in backup mode tooltip (#1786)
  • Fixes typo on gigantum (#1786)


  • 'proxy.apparent_port' removed from config in favor of 'proxy.external_url' when configuring the Client as a service (#1785)
  • HTTP->HTTPS redirect now supported when running the Client as a service with HTTPS configured (#1785)
  • On token verification error, if error is due to an SSL issue a better message is provided to the UI. (#1781)