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Gigantum Client 1.3.1

Gigantum Client 1.3.1 is now available. This release adds minor enhancements and lots of bug fixes.


Gigantum Client 1.3.0

Gigantum Client 1.3.0 is now available. This release adds several enhancements and bug fixes, including adding more untracked folders and fixing multi-tenant support.


Gigantum Client 1.2.1

Gigantum Client 1.2.1 is now available. This is a minor release to fix some important bugs. Notably, if you had problems starting a Project that contained sensitive files, things should work again. Sorry about that!

Gigantum Client 1.2.0

Gigantum Client 1.2.0 is now available. This release contains bug fixes, UI improvements, and completes changes to support running Projects directly in Gigantum Hub! More announcements to follow regarding Project launching in the Hub.

Gigantum Client 1.1.0

Gigantum Client 1.1.0 is now available. This release contains bug fixes, UI improvements, and significant "under the hood" changes to support running the Client directly in Gigantum Hub. This capability should be generally available to all users very soon!

Gigantum Client 1.0.1

Gigantum Client 1.0.1 is a minor update that was released quickly on the heels of 1.0.0 to fix a routing issue when importing projects from the new Gigantum Hub. See the v1.0.0 Changelog for more details.

Gigantum Client 1.0.0

Gigantum Client 1.0.0 is a major release and a required update for all users. The main component of this update is the addition of new features to work with Gigantum Hub, the new online experience available at gigantum.com. Until you update, you will not be able to sync with gigantum.com.

Gigantum Client 0.13.2

Gigantum Client 0.13.2 is a minor release that primarily contains bug fixes and UI improvements.


Gigantum Client 0.13.1

Gigantum Client 0.13.1 is a minor release that contains bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

Gigantum Client 0.13.0

Gigantum Client 0.13.0 is a major release that introduces several important new capabilities and streamlines existing functionality.