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Gigantum Client 0.11.3 Released

Release Summary

Gigantum Client 0.11.2 Released

Release Summary

Gigantum Client 0.11.1 Released

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Gigantum Client 0.11.0 Released

Release Summary

Gigantum Client 0.10.4 Released

Gigantum Client version 0.10.4 is now available. This small update addresses a bug related to logging into a Client instance for the first time. Occasionally users may have experienced problems opening projects or syncing with Gigantum Cloud. This update is strongly recommended for all users.

Gigantum Client 0.10.3 Released

Gigantum Client version 0.10.3 is now available. This release is a recommended update for all users and includes minor updates and ground work for our next major release. Highlights include:

Gigantum Client 0.10.2 Released

Release 0.10.2 fixes a minor bug that could prevent syncing projects between users when merge conflicts occurred.

Gigantum Client 0.10.1 Released

Release Notes

Gigantum Client 0.10.0 Released

Gigantum Client version 0.10.0 is now available. This update makes some minor improvements, fixes bugs, and lets you publish public projects. Read more below and update today!

Gigantum 0.9.4 Released

Version 0.9.4 of the Gigantum Client has been released. Open Gigantum Desktop today to update and get the latest features. This update comes with several usability improvements that we hope fix some critical pain points: