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Add a Server to Gigantum Client

Follow these steps to add a new Team Server to a Gigantum Client Instance

To start using a new Team Server installation with your Gigantum Client, you must "add" the server to your Client. This is done using either the Gigantum Desktop app or Gigantum CLI, depending on how you normally use the Client. Once a server is added, you can create an account to start using the server.

Gigantum Client is able to work with multiple servers. You can switch servers at any time by logging out of the Client and then back in using the server of your choice.


Client multi-tenant mode with multiple servers not supported

Running the Client in multi-tenant mode is not fully supported. If two users login to two different servers at the same time (e.g. gigantum.com and a Team Server), API requests will fail.

Gigantum Desktop

To add a server using the Desktop app, follow these steps shown in the video below:

  • Click on the "Manage Server" button in the tray menu
  • Add the hostname of your server and click the + button
  • Start your Client

Gigantum CLI

To add a server using the CLI, follow these steps shown in the video below:

  • Run gigantum server add <hostname>
  • Add the hostname of your server and press enter
  • Start your Client by running gigantum start

Create an Account and Login

Once you have started the Client, you'll notice a new button with the name of the Team Server instance is available on the login screen. Click this to open the login page for the server. Next click on the register tab and and create an account.

Login screen with a new serverLogin screen with a new server

Login screen with a new server

After submitting your registration form, three different things can happen depending on how the server is configured:

  • Default: If in the default configuration, you'll be sent back to your Client and can start working!
  • Email Verification Required: If email verification is required, you will need to check your email and click on the link to verify your email address. After doing this, you should close the browser window, relaunch the Client window, and log in.
  • Log in denied: If the server has the email allowlist functionality set up, your account may be blocked until an administrator authorizes your email address. Contact an administrator (if configured their email will be displayed) to get your account activated. Once activated simply try logging in again.