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Single-User Installation

Download and install the Client for a single user running locally

Self-Service Deployment

The Client is available for installation by anyone in a self-service manner. Typically the Client is running on localhost:10000 in this case. Details are available in the "Installing Gigantum" section, but summarized here for clarity.

On each new host machine (e.g. laptop, server, VM, worksation), a user must:

  1. Install Gigantum Desktop or CLI
  2. Install Docker if needed
  3. Install the Client via Desktop or CLI
  4. (Optional) Add Team Server to the Client via Desktop or CLI
  5. (Optional) Configure custom Certificate Authority

Install Gigantum Desktop or CLI
Typically users either download the Gigantum Desktop app from https://gigantum.com/download or install the Gigantum CLI via pip.

Install Docker if needed
If Docker is not already installed on the host, it must be installed by the user. This does require elevated privileges. If using Gigantum Desktop, an installation wizard will automatically open and walk the user through the process. If using the CLI, the user must install Docker in advance.

Install the Client via Desktop or CLI
Once Docker is installed and available, the Gigantum container must be pulled and configured. The Desktop app will automatically do this at the end of the installation wizard. CLI users must run then gigantum install command manually.

Add Team Server to the Client via Desktop or CLI
If using the Client with a self-managed Team Server, you must Add the Server to the new Gigantum Client installation.

Configure custom Certificate Authority
If running inside an enterprise network that utilizes HTTPS traffic filters or firewalls, SSL certificates issued with private CAs, or any other reason a non-standard CA would installed on the host, users will need to configure the custom Certificate Authority used before starting Gigantum Client. As an administrator, currently you must provide this certificate to each end-user.

Managed Deployment

Gigantum can help with additional capabilities and options for Enterprise administrators such as providing self-hosted Desktop and Client distribution, managed CA certificate configuration, and managed Base image configuration.

If interested, visit https://gigantum.com/pricing/managed, click on "Contact Us", and fill out the form.