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Firewall configuration and service

Firewall Configuration

For Team Server to receive traffic from outside of the hosting machine several firewall rules must be added to iptables to route external traffic to the Team Server install. Since there is not a universal way to persist iptables rule across machine restarts for different Linux distributions gigactl contains the capability to write a systemd service unit file that will reconfigure the firewall with the needed rules every time that the machine boots up.

Because some customers may have other custom iptables rules the gigactl command attempts to locate the Docker rules and add the Team Server rules immediately after the Docker rules.

To view the iptables rules that will be used the command ./gigactl firewall print will ask for the external network interface and will print the rules to the terminal.

To create the systemd service unit /lib/systemd/system/gigactl-firewall.service run the command sudo ./gigactl firewall configure. The command will automatically enable and start the new service.