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Getting Help

Where to go when you need more help!

There are many channels to get help from the Gigantum Team and also to provide feedback! We're always happy to help and learn more about how we can make Gigantum better.

The sections below give some methods of communication, but you can always reach out at [email protected]

Discussion Forum

For most questions about using Gigantum, general support, and other related discussions we have recently started a Spectrum Chat community. Spectrum Chat is a great place for questions because its forum post style is useful for others while still having direct messaging for more involved support.

Check it out and join! https://spectrum.chat/gigantum


For general feedback and feature suggestions, we recommend you visit:


Anything you submit here will go right into our user feedback pipeline and can be used to help steer what we build next.


Gigantum Client, Desktop, and CLI are all open source. If you want to submit detailed issues related to the software you can do that on Github.

Gigantum Client: https://github.com/gigantum/gigantum-client
Gigantum Desktop: https://github.com/gigantum/gigantum-desktop
Gigantum CLI: https://github.com/gigantum/gigantum-cli