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Welcome to the Gigantum Information Hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Gigantum platform as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, then there is help for that too. Just reach out to the team or get help from the community using our Slack organization or our Spectrum channel.

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Installation Overview

Some things to know before you begin.

To use Gigantum you must first install Docker CE, and then install the Gigantum Desktop app. The recommended method of installation for both is found in our installation guide, here.

The Gigantum Desktop app provides an easy ways to start, stop, install, update and manage the application. If you prefer a command line interface, then use the Gigantum CLI instead.

Why Docker?

Gigantum Projects are portable because everything, including the application, runs in a software container rather than natively in your host OS. This makes it easy to build, update, and share your work. We use Docker CE because it has good support and desktop clients on the major operating systems. If you don't have it, then consult our installation guide, here.

System Requirements

If you run Docker on Windows or MacOS, then there are some additional recommended configuration changes that can be found here.

Also, note that there are a few caveats for running Docker and Gigantum:

  • On Windows, you must use Windows 10 Professional, Education, or Enterprise editions
  • We recommend at least 8GB of RAM to satisfy both Docker and the host OS
  • You need sufficient disk space. Docker and Gigantum will use at least 6-10GB of disk space, but more is recommended.

Large Download Required

Gigantum uses Docker containers and thus needs to download data. When starting the Gigantum Client for the first time, it will download a ~270MB container, and when creating your first Project another 1-2GB of container data is downloaded by Docker.

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Installation Overview

Some things to know before you begin.

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