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You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Gigantum platform as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, then there is help for that too. Just reach out to the team or get help from the community using our our Spectrum channel.

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There are a few potential situations in which you might not get the JupyterLab interface. If your case isn't represented below, please ask in the forum (you can access help directly from the Gigantum client also).

Nothing seems to happen

Gigantum works by opening an additional browser tab, which can be considered a "pop up". Your browser may block pop ups for localhost, but it is generally safe to allow them. Look at the right side of your address bar for an icon where you can click on a link to see the currently blocked window. We recommend checking the option to always allow popups from localhost (you may also see the port number, which is usually 10000).

Password or token requested

If you are having trouble getting JupyterLab to open (e.g. getting the Jupyter login screen), for now there is a simple work around.

An example of the screen you may see if Jupyter fails to load.

First stop the running Project container and then restart it. Once the container is running, try opening JupyterLab again.

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