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Network Access

Gigantum Client requires outbound internet access


Offline Mode

Gigantum Client supports "offline" mode, which activates when the browser fails to detect a network connection. In this mode core functionality of the Client is still possible (e.g. upload files, launch Projects) using a cached user identity, but some operations (e.g. edit the environment) are not possible. You must have been previously logged into the desired server before disconnecting from the internet.

Using the Client in its default configuration requires and assumes outbound internet access for various operations outlined below:

  • The Client image and Base images are pulled from DockerHub. These images are public.
  • The repository https://github.com/gigantum/base-images is used to store Base image metadata. It is either cloned or pulled on Client startup to ensure the latest information is available.
  • When building a Project environment significant external network traffic is likely. Projects may pull packages via apt, pip, or conda package managers. Users may also download software via custom Docker instructions.
  • When updating Gigantum via the Desktop App, https://github.com/gigantum/gigantum-desktop/releases is fetched
  • When updating Gigantum via the CLI, https://s3.amazonaws.com/io.gigantum.changelog/changelog.json is fetched.
  • If a user selects "Gigantum Hub", gigantum.com is accessed, along with our authentication provider Auth0.