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Advanced Troubleshooting

Gigantum Working Directory Permissions Are Wrong

When the Gigantum client starts, the Gigantum working directory and potentially some sub-directories are automatically created if they have not already been created. These should be created using your user account on your host machine. If something was misconfigured, occasionally the permissions are incorrect (e.g. set to root).

If this is the case, there are two options. The easiest is to delete the entire Gigantum Working directory and let it be re-created it by start the Gigantum client (via Gigantum Desktop or the command-line tool). Note: Deleting your working directory deletes your Project data! Only do this if you are OK with losing data or have synced all of your work!

If you are comfortable on the command line, you could use the following from your host's home directory (only relevant on macOS or Linux):s

# Replace <username> with your actual username!
# You'll need administrative permissions because you don't own the directory.
# So, you'll be asked for a password.
sudo chown -R <username> ~/gigantum