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Integrated repositories to bundle code, data, environment configuration, and history

Gigantum automatically bundles data, code, environment configuration, and work history into an integrated and versioned repository called a Project. Under the hood this is just a particularly formatted and automatically managed Git repository.

Projects can be created from scratch, imported from a zip file, or downloaded from Gigantum Hub. Once created, you can publish a Project with a single click and add permissions for controlled sharing or collaboration.

Each Project contains a granular, user-attributed history of changes to data, code, environment and execution through a visual record of figures and text so that you can find and inspect results.

Overview of a Gigantum project displayed in the ClientOverview of a Gigantum project displayed in the Client

Overview of a Gigantum project displayed in the Client

You can learn more about the Project format - including file size limitations designed to keep Projects usable - in the Project Structure article. (Note, Datasets are available to handle large data when needed.)

Other key Project features to read about that make your work more transparent, reproducible, and useful are Automated Versioning, Environment Management, and one-click Rollback.