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Remote Workstation

Running the Gigantum Client on a remote workstation

If you have desktop access, you can simply install Docker and Gigantum as described in the Installation Overview. The only additional setup is to ensure that you have SSH access. Note that if you want to be able to start and stop Gigantum remotely, you will need to configure the Gigantum CLI.

Assuming that the Gigantum Client is running, you need to create an SSH "tunnel" to access Gigantum running on the workstation from your laptop (see below if you don't have ssh installed):

ssh -L 10000:localhost:10000 <username>@<workstation host address>

You don't actually have to do anything with the SSH session - just leave it open while you're working (you can easily re-establish the ssh connection if you close it). Once this is done, you should be able to access the client at https://localhost:10000 (as usual) on your laptop. Don't forget to stop the client (e.g., gigantum stop) when not in use if desired.


The gigantum client will not work over arbitrary network addresses

Due to requirements for how we perform authentication, the application must appear to be running via localhost. This requirement adds necessity to the security benefits of using SSH tunneling to access the Gigantum Client remotely.

Installing on a Remote Workstation without Desktop access

If you only have SSH access to the remote workstation, you can install everything you need via the command line:

  1. Install Docker, and
  2. Set up the Gigantum CLI
  3. Log out and log back in to enable membership in the docker group, and adding gigantum to your path

Once this is complete your remote host is ready to go. Start by ssh'ing in while port forwarding 10000

ssh -L 10000:localhost:10000 <username>@<workstation host address>

Then install and start the Gigantum Client container.

gigantum install
gigantum start

You should now be able to go to http://localhost:10000 on your laptop and see the Client UI from your workstation.