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Update Gigantum

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Updating with Gigantum Desktop

The Gigantum Desktop app provides automatic update capability. When opened, the app checks to see if there is a new version available. If an update is available, a prompt will display the latest change log and confirm you want to update.

Downloads will occur in the background and will be applied when you chose to restart the application. This process updates both the Gigantum Desktop app and the Gigantum Client container.

If you've been running the Desktop app for a while, you can also click on the "Check for Updates" button to update on-demand.

Check for updates manuallyCheck for updates manually

Check for updates manually

Updating with Gigantum CLI

When using the CLI, you must update both the CLI itself and the Gigantum client.

To update the CLI, in your terminal (optionally in the virtualenv created during installation) simply update the pip package. It is safe to run this command even if you already have the latest version installed (nothing will happen).

pip install -U gigantum

Next, update the Gigantum client. To do this, first make sure the client is running:

gigantum stop

Then run the update command:

gigantum update

The terminal will show the change log and any other messages related to the latest version. It will prompt you to verify that you want to go ahead with the update by displaying the following:

Are you sure you want to update? [y/n]:

If you are sure that you want to update, then just enter y and hit return. A new Gigantum Docker image will download, and depending on the size will take a little time. When it is finished it will print out a message like the one shown below and return the prompt.

Successfully pulled 8f1884fe8c:gigantum/labmanager

It is now safe to start using the newest client:

gigantum start