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User Defined Certificate Authorities

How to configure custom CA certificates for your enterprise network


In some enterprise and private network configurations, things like HTTPS traffic filters and firewalls can break Gigantum. This is because a custom Certificate Authority (CA) certificate is required to connect to HTTPS websites and services while on these types of networks. Your host machine was probably configured by your IT department to work, but this configuration is not available by default inside the Gigantum Client container and Project containers.

To make Gigantum compatible with these types of networks, you must provide the certificate so all Gigantum managed containers can be properly configured for you.


To configure your Client to use a custom CA, follow these steps:

  • Aquire the certificate file from your IT department.
  • Place the file or files in the directory ~/gigantum/certificates (on Windows Cmd shell or File Explorer you can type %USERPROFILE%\gigantum\certificates). Note the files must have a .crt extension. In most cases you can simply rename whatever certificate file was given.
  • Restart the Gigantum Client

Existing Project containers will be re-configured with the custom CA the next time a build occurs. If you need to force this, simply invoke a container build by adding or removing a package.

These certificates do not leave your computer and only affect the local configuration of your Client and locally built containers. Syncing a Project does not sync the certificates.