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Using Datasets with Projects

How to link Datasets to Projects for use

To use a Dataset with a Project, it must first exist locally. You can either create a new Dataset, or import one.

Linking A Dataset

Using a Dataset in a project is simple. From the "Input" section of the Project, click on "Link Dataset". Select the desired Dataset from the modal that appears and you're all set! The Project will now be linked to the latest version of the Dataset.

An example linking a Dataset to a ProjectAn example linking a Dataset to a Project

An example linking a Dataset to a Project

If a Dataset has been yet to be published, when you publish or sync the Project the Dataset will be published as well for you. A wizard at that time will allow you to choose the visibility (public or private) at that time.


Make sure to add collaborators to your Dataset too!

Project collaborators will also need to be added as collaborators of the linked Dataset for it to be visible to them.

Using the Dataset in a Project

Once the Dataset is linked, any data that has been downloaded is available for use in the Project. When you start your Project container, the Dataset's files are mounted into input/<name-of-dataset> as read-only. You can then load and use the data as you would any other folder of files.

Updating Dataset Files

To add, remove, or change files in a Dataset, you must do it from the Dataset view (not the view of the Dataset in the Project's Input Data section. You can click on the name of the Dataset to jump to the Dataset view.

Use the file browser to make any desired changes. If you have published the Dataset, you must sync to use the changes in your Project.

Navigate back to your Project. You should see a small banner at the bottom of the Linked Dataset indicating that updates for the Dataset are available. Click "Link to Latest Version" to update and you're all set!

Updating a Dataset to the latest versionUpdating a Dataset to the latest version

Updating a Dataset to the latest version