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Using non-standard configurations

A standard installation of the Gigantum client will have our recommended configuration. At present, we can provide only limited support for non-standard configurations. As such, while we provide documentation below, please realize that we can make no guarantees once you start making such changes!

Changes can be made by creating a file called ~/gigantum/.labmanager/config.yaml (this will be parsed as a YAML file). Any configuration you provide there will override the defaults.

Alternative / additional base images

While Gigantum only guarantees support for our official base images (these are maintained as an open source project), it is possible to configure alternative or additional sources. The default configuration is:

    - ""

You may substitute any git repository that adheres to the appropriate specification (we recommend forking our existing base-images repository to get started). The repository URL will check out the default branch (usually master), though you can specify a non-standard branch with syntax like the following: "[email protected]". While the default is to use only one repository, you may also use a list of repositories. If you wish to keep the default gigantum repositories, for example, you might add your own repository like this:

    - ""
    - "[email protected]"

Identity Management

By default, the local Gigantum client will maintain your identity in the application itself. This allows you to retain your identity and work offline. If you would rather have identity managed by the browser (for example, if you are supporting multiple users on one client), you can add the following to a custom configuration file (the default for identity_manager is local):

  client_id: 0Ajo8Ov6Qriafo0xVpSyejWy1pwNWdhk
  signing_algorithm: RS256
  identity_manager: browser

Currently, configuration logic overwrites the entire section, so its necessary to repeat the entire auth configuration.

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Using non-standard configurations

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