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Welcome to the Gigantum Information Hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Gigantum platform as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, then there is help for that too. Just reach out to the team or get help from the community using our Slack organization or our Spectrum channel.

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What is Gigantum?

At Gigantum, we develop software that increases transparency & reproducibility in science and data science. We want people to directly access, inspect, understand, and build on each other's work without all of the technical and practical hurdles they face today.

Through automation of best practices and thoughtful user interfaces we strive to level the playing field for all users. From novice to expert, individual with a laptop to a professional researcher with a large cloud compute budget, Gigantum can improve your daily workflow and enhance the transparency and reproducibility of your work.

We made Gigantum to fit the way people actually work, that is, not just in the cloud, but also locally and on remote workstations. Because Gigantum makes it simple to sync work between people and compute resources, you can collaborate easily and right size your resources for the problem at hand.

There are three software components that make up the Gigantum platform, described below. These components work with Gigantum Projects and Datasets, which are described on their own pages.

Gigantum Client

At the core of the platform is the MIT-licensed Gigantum Client. The Client is a web application that manages the development, execution, and sharing of analysis. It automates the creation of versioned and containerized code so that your work is accessible, reproducible, and as transparent as possible.

The Client pairs with Gigantum Cloud to backup and share your work, and you will generally launch it using one of the Gigantum Apps.

Gigantum Cloud

The Client pairs with Gigantum Cloud, a service that provides storage for sharing and collaboration. The client provides single-click publication and sync with Gigantum Cloud to access Projects and Datasets from any machine. You can also grant permissions to collaborators so that you can share work in controlled ways. A free Gigantum Cloud account comes with 20GB of Project & Dataset storage. The service will be expanding significantly over the next year, and we welcome your input on useful and needed features via discussion in our community forum or comments in our feedback form.

Gigantum Apps

Finally, Gigantum Desktop and Gigantum CLI provide simple interfaces to run the Client (e.g. update, start, stop). If working locally, Gigantum Desktop is an easy to use desktop application that supports automatic updating and other useful features. If working on a remote server, the CLI provides an SSH friendly command line interface to install, update, and start the Client.

Run Gigantum Client!

You can try out a zero-install / hosted Client at or get the Desktop app from our download page to use your own computer.

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What is Gigantum?

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