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Working with a Self-Signed Team Server

When a Team Server is using self-signed TLS certs, additional configuration is needed

When a Team Server has been installed with self-signed certificates, additional configuration is needed to get the Client to "trust" the server. A server may be installed like this for various reasons (e.g. a trial, a non-production environment), but always double check with your administrator that it is expected.


Use Gigantum CLI when adding Self-Signed Team Servers

Currently, only the CLI is able to add a Team Server with self-signed certificates to a Client installation. When you run gigantum server add <hostname> a warning will indicate that the certificate is invalid and ask if you want to proceed.

Export the Certificate

The certificate used in the server must first be exported to a file. This can be done by running a simple command by an administrator on the Team Server host

./gigactl certificate get

This file should be saved and provided to any user that needs to connect to the server.

Configure the Client

First, stop the Client using the Gigantum CLI. Place the provided certificate from the step above in the certificates directory in your Client working directory. Typically this is ~/gigantum/certificates.

Next add the server to your Client using the CLI. Currently only the CLI supports servers with self-signed certificates.

Finally, start the Client and log in as you normally would.